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Bitdefender Vs Kaspersky Windows 22

Bitdefender’s suite of products are far more comprehensive than Kaspersky. Each has different scanning options to ensure that your device is secure from malware, such as a quick scan that checks the most common suspect areas where malware might hide, and a complete scanning of the entire PC. Both suites also have a firewall that supervises the devices that are part of your home network and blocks unauthorised connections.

Both tools are efficient in defending against Phishing. They block fake websites that impersonate real ones, and stop ransomware from altering files or holding them hostage. Kaspersky has a tool that can reverse a ransomware attack and restore files. It also has an option to automatically detect and block known threats as they appear. It scores highly in Anti-Virus Tests for anti-phishing and antiransomware.

In our tests, Bitdefender used less resources than Kaspersky. It was also faster to install and run. The labs also examined the suite’s ability to identify malware on their own. The results were mixed. Both suites did well in detecting malware that was not seen before (which required sophisticated detection capabilities) however they were unable to spot widespread infections, which other software is able to block using known patterns or Signatures.

Bitdefender is the winner in the customer service competition, because it offers more support channels, and an easier-to-use user interface than Kaspersky. It provides support via email, phone and live chat with 24/7 availability, plus a knowledge base and remote help, which is available only to premium users. It also includes an account manager for passwords and a free VPN and other security tools included in its more expensive plans.

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