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Salary Survey Extra: Deep Focus on CompTIA Security+

Tanvi Biyani, EO&T Analyst at Citi, earned CompTIA Security+ without the recommended prerequisites. Dave Kung, cybersecurity leader, IT operations leader and information security expert, said he used some of these tools to pass the certification exam. One of your IT career goals may be to get into the information security field without comptia security + salary prior certification. Other goals may include getting a vendor-neutral cybersecurity certification or a DoD-approved cert. The pay ranges shown immediately under each certification are based on the “Notable Employers” numbers. All pay range numbers are based on experience levels ranging from less than a year to 20+ years.

  • One way to stay ahead of your colleagues in the industry is to acquire as many professional certificates as possible; CompTIA Security+ certification will help you to beat the competition when you’re searching for employment.
  • You can improve your cyber security bachelor degree salary by working in a specialized role.
  • You should also have a strong computer science and information security background.
  • However, companies that pay more will also tend to demand more, both in terms of expertise and responsibilities while on the job.
  • CompTIA Security+ certifications are widely recognized and hold a high value in the IT industry, and their earning potential is competitive with other IT security certifications.

If you are interested in breaking into cybersecurity and you need help, check out my new ebook. Now, none of these directly answers your question since you are asking what pay impact the aggregation of all the certifications may mean for you. As of April 2022, the normal yearly pay for a CompTIA Security+ Entry-Level within the US is approximately $59,009 a year. Just in case you would like a straightforward compensation calculator, that works out to be around $28.37 an hour. has the perfect solution to cater to the professionals.

The Requirements for Obtaining CompTIA Security+ Certification

The 2022 Robert Half IT Salary Report lists Security+ (in addition to A+ and Network+) among the most valuable IT certifications this year. And the Global Knowledge 2021 IT Skills and Salary Report puts Security+ at #15 of the top-paying certifications. In addition, Dice’s Tech Salary Trends lists Security+ (alongside CompTIA A+ and CompTIA Network+) as one of the most popular certifications. Although CompTIA Security+ is entry-level for cybersecurity, the average person, and even entry-level IT pros, may not consider it easy. It covers cybersecurity concepts in depth and requires adequate preparation. You can ask for whatever salary you want to, however the likelihood of that happening with little to no experience is slim.

  • In addition, Dice’s Tech Salary Trends lists Security+ (alongside CompTIA A+ and CompTIA Network+) as one of the most popular certifications.
  • According to Emsi Burning Glass, which collects and analyzes millions of job postings from across the country, the median annual salary for a cybersecurity engineer with between zero and two years of experience is $79,000.
  • Pay ranges for people with a CompTIA Security+ certification by employer.
  • CISA certification assesses your professional skills in identifying vulnerabilities, reporting on compliance, and enforcing effective controls within an enterprise system.
  • But most work as independent contractors if they aren’t employed with consulting firms.

The average salary reported was $133,088, placing it just below Cisco’s CCNP Enterprise. This certification validates a professional’s knowledge for core data concepts and working with data in Azure. This year, there wasn’t enough data to featured CRISC formally on the U.S. list, but including both the U.S. and Canada, those professionals together reported an average of $167,145 in 2022.

Machine Learning Engineer Salary by Job Level & Top Companies

CompTIA CertMaster Practiceis an adaptive knowledge assessment tool that determines what a learner has already mastered and what they still need to learn to improve confidence and increase retention before the exam. Preparing for the CompTIA Security+ certification exam requires focus and dedication, but how long it takes depends entirely on where you’re starting from. We recommend you start your CompTIA Security+ journey by downloading theexam objectives. This gives you an opportunity to take inventory of your competency on each topic and determine where to focus your energy. Don’t have the recommended work experience but still want to pursue CompTIA Security+?

comptia security + salary

Despite this, 61% say their management doesn’t see the value in training — which is cited as the leading inhibitor to training. A respected credential, the Certified Ethical Hacker teaches professionals about ethical hacking, attack vectors and more, but does so in a way that provides hands-on instruction to reinforce concepts and build valuable skills. While the certification did not have enough responses to make the formal list, those who reported having this certification made on average $139,539. CISA-certified professionals can serve as the conduit between technical, legal and compliance teams and ensure organizations protect privacy and manage risk in an efficient, cost-effective way. These architects work collaboratively with others across the business — from stakeholders to developers and beyond — to overcome the complex challenges that stand in the way of secure, scalable, and reliable Azure solutions. Microsoft recommends these professionals have experience in Azure administration and development, DevOps, networking, virtualization, security, governance and more.

Cybersecurity Bachelor’s Degree Salary

Unlike other cybersecurity certifications, CompTIA Security+ has no prerequisites. This is great news for IT professionals who want to jump right into information security without having to get multiple certifications. CompTIA Security+ offers critical foundational cybersecurity skills that IT professionals should have before pursuing higher-level certifications.

Is CompTIA good for cyber security?

Not only is CompTIA Security+ one of the most widely held and highest paying cybersecurity certifications, it's also a great entry-level, vendor-neutral certification for those new to cybersecurity.

Additionally, MyComputerCareer offers plenty of networking opportunities with IT professionals and employers alike through its Career Services. Showing commitment – By becoming certified, candidates are taking their first step in what can be considered a rewarding career. Yet, by remaining certified, with many certifications requiring periodical renewal, candidates can also showcase their commitment to the job and the fact that they’re up to date on the latest trends. Providing validation to yourself and others that you’ve mastered the necessary skills and concepts needed in a career in cybersecurity.

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